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New Surgical Set
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The Survival Supplies Store for All Situations

At Colorado Mountain Survival Gear we believe survival supplies should be affordable for everyone, no matter where you live or what situation you face. Those that equip themselves with the right survival gear are better positioned to protect themselves and their family members during emergencies. In today’s world personal responsibility is a key part of survival. When you’re properly prepared, no emergency is truly unexpected.

Emergency Survival Supplies

An emergency can strike at any time – floods, fires, storms. Being prepared for the unexpected gives you the best chance of getting through an emergency unscathed. Our emergency survival supplies provide everything a person needs to weather whatever Mother Nature or man doles out.

Camping Survival Supplies

When you’re out in the wild, the need for survival supplies is greatly increased. Camping survival supplies are designed to help you when you’re out in the elements far from food, fire and clean water sources. We offer singular tools and products as well as complete kits that include medical supplies, coverage from the elements, food, light sources and more.

Everyday Survival Equipment Supplies

Disasters and emergencies can occur on your way home from work, while you’re cooking dinner or even at family outings. Don’t let life blindside you – stock up on everyday survival supplies and you’ll be prepared for just about anything, including:
  • Car breakdowns
  • Minor medical needs
  • Power outages
When you get your survival supplies from Colorado Mountain Survival Gear you not only get great prices on all products, you can also get FREE Shipping. All orders of $49 will be shipped for free. (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii)